Mortgage Guide

With most endeavours, you get better results if you decide your objectives beforehand and plan your strategy accordingly, obtaining a mortgage is no different and we hope our short guide will be of assistance.

The first stage is to decide how much you can afford to repay, you may find our budget calculator of use to work out your outgoings and expenditure. One point to note here is that it often works out cheaper to buy a house than pay rent.

Our mortgage guide covers the types of mortgage available, interest rate options, an explanation of mortgage incentives and charges and more. When you have decided what mortgage you want then you can easily apply for a free mortgage quotation.

Which is the best mortgage for you?

There is no doubt that mortgages can be confusing. With so many products available, it is difficult to know which is best suited to your needs.

Of course, the best course of action it to seek independent professional advice before making any decision. At the same time, it also helps to know more about the types of mortgage available, which is why we have produced this guide.

There are also a lot of excellent price comparson sites for mortgages such as GoCompare, MoneySupermarket and Comparethemarket.

Looking for the Cheapest Mortgage?

If you're looking for a mortgage but don't know where to start, there is no need to worry. Many people are confused by mortgages and it's not a surprise considering that there are thousands of mortgage deals to choose from, from buy to let mortgages to first time buyer mortgages. It is important to get your mortgage decision right, after all you are talking about borrowing a lot of money. However, in actual fact, mortgages aren't too complicated. Here we look at the basic things to think about when comparing mortgages so you're more confident about working out which is the best mortgage for you.

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